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*Has been in business for 15 years; not a chain or franchise, established 1999

*The owners (Karen & Paul Rowan) are extremely knowledgeable in dog nutrition, behavior and training; they have been breeding (1 litter every 4 years), training, competing with and rescuing dogs for over 22 years

*Karen & Paul have 9 dogs (5 Champion Dalmatians, 3 Chihuahuas (rescues), a Jack Russel and 3 new Dalmatian puppies born 11/13/13.  Let’s not forget about the various foster dogs and our 4 cats!

*We have hands on - practical experience raising & rescuing dogs; Having a problem?  Come on in and see how we can help!  

*Advice you can trust with the real practical experience to back it up!

*Pet Essentials is independently owned/operated, not a franchise or chain

*Pet Essentials’ has great customer service & a knowledgable staff

*Pet Essentials’ prices are as competitive as the big box stores, if 
not lower.  

                Please compare!  You’ll be pleasantly surprised!!

WHAT:         Fall Paw Dive2014

When:  October 17th, 18th & 19th


Where:   Pet Essentials

A portable pool will be set up in the parking lot of Pet essentials

Fall Paw Dive 2014

Friday, Oct 17th- Practice Day

Have you ever wondered if your dog would leap off a dock into a pool to retrieve their toy?

Come out to Pet Essentials to test your dogs jumping skills.  2:00 PM to 5:30 Pm  Jumps $15

Saturday, Oct 18th- Competition

Competition begins  10 AM to 6 PM

Sunday, Oct 19th- Finals

Competition begins 10 AM to 5 PM

Do you have a Dock DOG?


for 2014


Is Your Dog

Afraid of Thunderstorms?!?!?!

Pet Essentials

has the solution

Drug free

Easy to Use

100% Guaranteed

Make your dog a Thunderdog...

Calm & Fearless

Stop in and ask us how

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